Wellness Tour to Jeollanam-do


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Related Sites

Related Sites
Item URL Explanation Fax.
Gwangju Medical Tourism Association http://meditour.gwangju.go.kr/ Gwangju Medical Tourism Association +82-62-613-3331
hi korea http://www.hikorea.go.kr/ e-Government for foreigners +82-1345
bbb korea http://www.bbbkorea.org/ Translation service via cell phone +82-725-9108
Korea Tourism Corporation http://korean.visitkorea.or.kr/ Korea Tourism Corporation +82-2-7299-600
Korea Health Industry Development Institution http://www.khidi.or.kr/ Korea Health Industry Development Institution +82-1577-129
Korea Immigration Service http://immigration.go.kr/ Korea Immigration Service +82-2-500-9013
Seoul Global Center http://global.seoul.go.kr Foreigner General Support Institution +82-2-2075-4130
Ministry of Public AdministrationSecurity http://www.mopas.go.kr/ Ministry of Public AdministrationSecurity +82-2-2100-3399
Cheongwadae http://www.president.go.kr Cheongwadae +82-2-730-5800
Cultural Heritage Administration http://www.cha.go.kr Cultural Heritage Administration +82-42-481-4650
Ministry of HealthWelfare http://www.mw.go.kr Ministry of HealthWelfare +82-129
Ministry of Culture, SportsTourism http://www.mcst.go.kr Ministry of Culture, SportsTourism +82-2-3704-9114