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Background and Purpose


Background 1
Rapid growth of Korean medical tourism market: yearly average of 43.5% growth (2014 standard)
Background 2
Minor ailment cures+Health, recuperation, beauty, aesthetics (Unity of medicineregional tourism resources)

Expected Effects

Invigoration of
regional economy

Expanding tourist


Medical(Health) Tourism Cluster created from "Wellness" Tourism, a link between heaven-sent natural environments of Jeollanamdoits tourism resources

Wellness Onsen, Beauty, Meditation, Temple Stay, Management of stresschronic illnesses
Tourism Islands, Forests, Festivals, International Exhibition, Experiences, Golf, Marine Leisure, Horseback Riding, Oriental Medicinal foods, Traditional foods, Temple foods, Namdo Myeongga
Medical Health examination center, Rehabilitation center, Pain center

Wellness product, which utilizes the natural resources of Jeollanamdo, where developed areasnature form harmony, is to be developed to create new jobsinvigorate regional economy

Growth in business could be expected by linking Chinese tourists of Jeollanamdo attraction plansmedical(health) tourism